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Greenleaf Pest Control Services
Park City Greenleaf

Park City Pest Control


Protect Your Home and Property Today with Greenleaf

Natural solution to pest control with quick, effective, and long-lasting results

If you're looking for an environmentally responsible, cost-effective way to deal with a pest infestation, Park City Greenleaf is the answer. 

We have a vast amount of experience in all areas including all general Utah pests, roaches, spiders, wood destroying insects, ants, wasps, pigeon and other bird control, flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ticks, rodents including, silverfish, beetles, scorpions, ground squirrels, gophers, rats, voles, mice, and marmot’s and more. 

Contact our pest control professionals today at (435) 645-9342 to learn more about how we can help you achieve peace of mind from insect and pest damage from pesky pests.

Residential Pest Control in Kitchen

Residential Pest Control

Greenleaf pest control services can help ensure that you, your family and home are protected from a variety of pests.

Commercial Pest Control Building

Commercial Pest Control

Protect your business from unwanted pests with customized professional pest management services from Greenleaf.

Keep Unwanted Insects from Entering your Home

Park City Utah

We are experts in pest control specific to Park City and use only the latest and most advanced techniques to get rid of pests quickly and effectively. 

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